Mariner's Quarter

A façade that changes with the seasons

Mariner’s Quarter comprises the Marco Polo and James Cook apartment towers within the Royal Wharf master plan in London. The Marco Polo building, at 58.25 metres, is the tallest waterfront building anchoring the entire development’s corner. To maintain a dialogue between the two buildings, the James Cook building, at 40.25 metres tall, shares a similar façade treatment while reversing its colour palette for subtle differentiation.

UK & Europe
80 Kelson House, E16 2RN, 10 Schooner Cl, London E14 3GG, United Kingdom
Category Residential
Year 2019
Size 8,500sqm (Plot 17 – The James Cook Building), 12,500sqm (Plot 18 – The Marco Polo Building)
Through its two designs for the Mariner’s Quarter, DP Architects’ proposals to enhance city living via high-rise waterfront developments are deeply informed by the historical heritage of the site.
The three stacked blocks of the Marco Polo tower are rotated on a central axis to provide sweeping views to Canary Wharf or the new pier.
Inspired by the patterns of London’s weather, the façade, with its movable louvred screens, was designed to modify as the season changes.
The Marco Polo building is the tallest waterfront building anchoring the entire development’s corner.

The three separate volumes, each corresponding to the three different categories of building heights of the skyline, as viewed from the Thames. Each of the blocks is gently rotated on a central axis either towards the views of Canary Wharf or the pier.

Inspired by the varying patterns of London’s weather, the façade and character of the building is designed to modify with the seasons. Each unit has the ability to adjust the position of their sliding louvred panels to provide sun and wind protection depending on the weather or season. These sliding panels work together with the dynamic twist of the blocks to create a striking design that pays homage to the transient seasons in its façade.

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